Hello beautiful human. I'm Karen.
I believe deeply in the magic of life and the wild intelligence of the human body. I've been able to see and sense energy since I was a child; I see the energy fields of people, plants, and animals. For decades it felt very awkward for me to talk about energy with other people, so I avoided it until the day I realized just how helpful it could be to start normalizing acknowledgment of the unseen. 
I spent over two decades in the fitness and wellness industry -- studying up close, energy patterns held in the human body, and how they can be rebalanced using movement, sound, and sacred practices. I've seen the joy and healing that energy medicine can inspire. Through developing a conscious relationship with the energy that surrounds and interpenetrates all of us, together we can tap into the grace and potential of energy medicine. 
My work is based in compassion for the human spirit and is focused on fostering growth, hope, and healing. I offer energy readings, individual coaching, as well as innovative workshops and presentations that tap into the sacred energy of the heart, mind, body, and spirit. 
All my best,