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Scorpio Supermoon

Tomorrow’s full moon will appear larger and brighter than usual; when the moon comes this close to the earth we call her a supermoon. Adding Scorpio to the energetic mix sets the tone for an especially potent lunar experience.

As part of the triad of the healing water signs of the Zodiac, transformational Scorpio draws us into our deep truths, reunites us with our primal essence, and raw emotional landscape. Simply unsatisfied by the superficial, Scorpio energy nudges us in and down — asking us to keep our eyes and hearts open to what truly is.

Feel into the atmospheric vibe during this moon time.

Keep your energy antennas up for the chance to have meaningful emotional exchanges. Keep a gentle awareness of the life force energy flowing through the root and sacral centers of your body.

While other full moons may activate a rather extroverted vibe, this moon invites a more introspective approach. So take some time away from all distractions to connect with the soulful depths of your true self. That deep, soul-centered space is just perfect for connecting with the energy of this moon.

If you’re in the mood for a Scorpio Supermoon Ceremony, try this :

  • Take yourself out into the bright, welcoming moonlight. Bare feet to the ground, bring your awareness into your physical body.

  • Stay standing, or lay down upon the earth as you take a few breaths to attune to the moment. As you gaze upon the magical moonlight, let all other thoughts fade away.

  • Now close your eyes and make the silent request for the moonlight to come into your body, illuminating the area just below your belly button all the way to and through the top of your thighs.

  • As a beam of pure, healing, nurturing, Scorpio lunarphotons shines into you, welcome it. Drink it in.

  • Let it soak into all of your layers— flesh, bone, blood, organs, glands, genitals, lymph, muscle. Enjoy the pure, potent, and primal connection with the moon as she casts her energy into you. This is Scorpio moon medicine.

  • Stay with it until your intuition tells you the supermoon transmission is complete. Then, offer your gratitude and open your beautiful eyes.

Moon Blessings,



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